Smart Construction AI

AI is revolutionizing every industry sector, it's time for the construction industry to adopt AI! The possibilities are endless when state of the art AI technologies are utilized for the domain specific applications for the construction industry.

"The construction industry is one of the last industry sectors to adopt high tech tools. We want to change that!"


Ask and Get Answers

Just ask any building code related questions with voice or text and get answers immediately.

No More Searching Through Documents

Searching through code books is not easy, efficient, or fast.

Does Calculations Automatically

No need to go through tables or formulas, it will do all the calculations for you.

Hands Free Experience (Coming Soon)

If you are in the construction site and your hands are busy, simply use talk to the AI without typing.

Understand the Semantic Similarity

Use non technical words and still get technical answers.

Save Your Precious Time

Time cost money, use the saved time to increase the productivity.